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Boyfriend Body Pillow

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Price : $29.95

Regular Price: $39.95

Item# BFPB-001-01

Color:  White

Product Overview
Boyfriend Body Pillow

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Now you can enjoy the warm company of the Boyfriend Body Pillow. Just wrap yourself up in this boyfriend arm pillow. It is a delicate and pleasant body pillow that looks like the torso of a strong man with a comforting arm that hugs you the entire night. You will feel secure and protected in his arm while happily resting your head on his chest.

Boyfriend Body PillowThis amusing and warm snuggle pillow is excellent for people whose partner is temporarily away on military leave or work absence. Singles, who desire to sense the contact of a man, without really having to be with one, love it too.

This original pillow is a funny gift for a friend or relative with a good sense of humor that would love to have a little more hugging every night. Besides, youメll love the comfort and warm the Boyfriend Body Pillow provide. Also, you will be fond of the form that he wraps around you and hugs you the whole night without disturbing your sleep. No more tolerating a snorer or interruptions! He knows exactly what you want.

Benefits and Features
Boyfriend Body Pillow

  • Delicate and comfy body pillow
  • Perfect sleep companion for lonely people
  • Feel the hold of a man without the snoring, smell, tossing or turning
  • A Funny and Original Gift Idea

Full Product Description
Boyfriend Body Pillow

The Boyfriend Body Pillow is the pillow you will find irresistible to hug. As many women, you desire to feel the touch of a real man, but you donメt want to tolerate the snoring, smell, tossing and turning. That is the reason why this pillow is ideal for you because the Boyfriend Body Pillow feels like the torso of a strong man with a kind arm that holds you.

This snug pillow is very fun for the user; usually singles who want to feel the touch of a man without having one love it a lot. This Boyfriend Body Pillow is a memory foam pillow developed to adjust to the natural curves of your body. Besides, it is a unique gift for a friend or relative who would enjoy having some cuddling at night. Everybody loves how this pillow covers your body holding you all night without saying a word.?

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Extra Benefits:

  • Ideal to amuse friends, pajama parties and other girly reunions you may have
  • Your friends will love it for its funny originality
  • Gives enjoyment and excitement for female lonely
  • hearts who want a male company to share nice bedtime moments with
  • If your man is temporarily away, you can remind his company with the Boyfriend Body Pillow.

Product Information Details
Boyfriend Body Pillow

Product Dimensions:

Open: WT 2 lbs , L 22 , W 20, H 4

Shipping weight: 1lbs

Stock Number: BFPB-001-01

Ship Time: 1 - 3 Business Days

Material: Cotton Poly and Fiberfill

Manufacturer: AB Marketers LLC

Brand: Deluxe Comfort


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