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Multi Position Pillow

Multi Position Pillow

Price : $39.95

Regular Price: $54.95

Item# MLTPP-001-01

Product Overview
Multi Position Pillow

This comfort reading pillow has two separate sections to support your back. The bottom portion is designed to support your lower back while you rest your head and shoulders on the upper portion. You'll never struggle again with our Reading in Bed Pillow. A natural cotton shell surrounds the filling in two perfect-sized sections. Our pillow offers two levels of lumbar support. Whether you?re reading, watching TV or doing homework, this pillow provides the perfect way to sit comfortably in bed. From now, you will be able to sleep the way you deserve and you must feel very lucky to have arrived at the right place.

Benefits and Features
Multi Position Pillow

  • Especially designed to offer lasting comfort while sitting on the bed
  • Elevates the upper body to encourage a great anti-reflux position, to reduce snore and sleep apnea
  • Relieves the pain and other discomforts linked with bad posture while sleeping or resting
  • Made with dust-mite resistant material and is naturally antimicrobial
  • The Multi Position Pillow has a special design which improves comfort and provides great health benefits derived from sleeping well

Product Information Details
Multi Position Pillow

Shipping weight: 4.5

Stock Number: MLTPP-001-01

Ship Time: 5-10 Bussiness Days

Material: Cotton, polyester

Manufacturer: AB Marketers LLC

Brand: DeluxeComfort


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